Friday, November 17, 2006

Lincoln Sunset Time-lapse

I've been thinking about filming a sunset from this particular vantage point for quite a while and finally went there Wednesday. I had been watching the sky all day thinking that conditions were right for a really good show. I hauled out the gear, headed over there and then spent about two hours capturing this. It's always a surprise to me how the clouds actuallly move. I make my guesses and then just wait and see. This one turned out pretty spectacular I think.

I used my Canon PowerShot S3 camera and GBTimelapse. To get reallly wide, I attached a 0.7x wide angle converter to the camera.

I mounted the camera on my Directed Perception pan/tilt head to add another element of movement. Oh, and I used a compass to plan my pan after calculating where and when the sun would go down. I've written some prototype software to control the head. It gets the job done, but needs to be streamlined to become a product.

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