Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another TubeMogul Surprise

The benefits of using TubeMogul to upload videos has surprised me again. It wasn't until looking at my TubeMogul chart that I discovered my latest video, NASCARGOT, had see a surge of views on Myspace. (See the red line in the chart below).

That's nearly 100,000 extra views in one day. Without TubeMogul I wouldn't have bothered to upload to Myspace, but they made it easy. And without their report, I probably wouldn't have noticed the extra views. Although I did wonder why I was getting a bunch of Myspace friend requests.

Thank you TubeMogul!


Unknown said...

Thank you Mike! Your videos are great - I'm not surprised to hear about the success your receiving. And don't be surprised to get results like this at different times on the other sites you upload to. Each site holds its own communities - uploading your videos to multiple sites will help you find your audience rather than trying to figure out how to bring your audience to you. You've got the right idea with your web video distribution strategy... it's great to see the video viewership metrics support the strategy!

Mark Rotblat

SleepTalkinDog.com said...

I just got a Canon Digital Rebel XTi and have downloaded your software and am not even REMOTELY close to getting it to work... have no clue why.. have followed every direction to the "T" and still no luck.. maybe I'll try again tomorrow... but methinks it shouldn't be this complicated... :S

tlapse said...

Make sure the EOS Utility is shut off before running and connecting GBT. You may have the camera and PC set up to Auto-load the EOS Utility upon connecting USB cable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!
I'm very impressed with your videos and website/program. Do you have a contact email address or any details, I'm a timelapse newbie from the Uk and would love to ask you some questions.. can't seem to find any details on your site though? Please email me at nokyle@hotmail.com so I can at least reply with some questions.