Sunday, November 10, 2013

Golden light in "Midnight Sun" by Joe Capra

For "Midnight Sun", Joe Capra traveled around Iceland shooting time-lapse for an arduous 17 days - which from his description didn't involve much sleep - and in the process captured over 38,000 images. The work has beautiful sequences of the arctic summer's golden light. We're excited to see that "Midnight Sun" is a Vimeo Staff Pick and has passed 2 million views. For another project, Joe shot time-lapse on location in Rio for a major electronics manufacturer. A compilation video from his trip titled "Rio" features spectacular time-lapse of the cityscape.

Joe uses GBDeflicker in his post-production workflow. According to Joe, "I use GBDeflicker on everything! Well, not EVERY shot, but I have used it on everything I have shot that needed de-flickering. It was used on shots in Midnight Sun and also my new Rio video. It is definitely a must have tool for any time-lapse shooter."

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