Sunday, December 29, 2013

GBTimelapse: Support for the Canon 70D

Canon finally released version 2.13 of their EOS camera SDK (Software Development Kit).

With the new kit, we can finally offer support for the Canon 70D camera body.

You can download GBTimelapse EOS version 3.9.31 here.

If you already own a GBTimelapse license, just install the new release -  there's no need to activate a new serial number.


Carlo Ferraro said...

Looked into canon site
and there is nothing about 70D and 2,13

Carlo Ferraro said...

I've been trying to optimise a system for time lapse since I started some months ago. First I did it manual adjustment of speed, lens wide open, iso 100, ND filters and post pro on Lightroom and LRTime lapse (100 Euro software + 10 Euro ebook..... EOS 700D).
Then I tried Triggertrap Bramping, that failed because it is based on a time algorithm, not on light measure and the jumps on exposure were not appropriate to be done on LRTL, not recognisable as Holy Grail TL. Sold it
Then I tried TimeLapse+ for Bramping and after several trials it did not work with the 700D, jumps unacceptable, seemed to be a camera issue so I returned for a refund.
I decided to go back to manual mode and LRTL but to avoid touching the camera I needed a remote control, so choices were Camranger or an EOS 70D. Decided to invest on the camera and bough a 70D body (another on the way) to work with the wifi capabilities and EOS Remote App for Iphone, that I am trying is also somewhat limited, have to look into the LCD monitor to check the over-under exposure to make the speed/iso adjustment on a day-night time lapse.
Then I came across GBS and yes, I got a Macbook Air (besides my Imac Quad) that would allow me to do the thing with it and a long USB cable but...I see several softwares on the site and even one to correct the flickering that it is not suppose to happen if the computer does corrections at variations well under 1/3.
So I would love to give it a try but I am a little confused with the "paraphernalia" of softwares available on site and I need a little bit of advise.
If you can give an advise about what and how to try, it would be great.
Thanks in advance

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