Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GBTimelapse 3.10 - Now with 3-axis eMotimo TB3 Control

Looking to achieve the time-lapse "holy grail" with your motion control gear?  You are in luck!  GBTimelapse 3.10 has added several features focused on achieving the elusive sunset, sunrise and overnight "holy grail."  Read on!

New Master/Slave Modes

GBT version 3.10 adds several new Master/Slave modes. These new modes enable you to get GBT’s Holy Grail AutoRamp power with virtually any motion control device!

As an added bonus, GBT 3.10 also...
  • Adds even greater compatibility with the eMotimo TB3 Black.
  • Adds the ability to synchronize multiple cameras connected on multiple computers (more about this in future posts).

New eMotimo Slave/TB3 mode features

  • Uses third axis for slider control (Rhino, Dynamic Perception or any other stepper).
  • Uses TB3 joystick setup parameters for 2 and 3-point moves,
  • or optionally use GBTimelapse control panel to setup all parameters for 2 and 3-point moves.
  • Enter TB3 mid and end-point Pan/Tilt positions precise degrees and slider position in inches or metric units.
  • No need to move the slider to the end-point, just type in its end value.
  • Save and Load all TB3 parameters from the computer for repeatability later.
  • Use GBTimelapse to schedule time-lapse start at a later time for unattended operation.
  • Uses GBTimelapse Holy Grail AutoRamp for bulb ramping and ISO control in changing light or day/night transitions.
  • Use GBTimelapse live-view screen for precise alignment of start and end points.
  • Use GBTimelapse history screen to see progress during a time-lapse session.
A three-axis demo...

A setup tutorial...

And TB3 driver/firmware installation...

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Anonymous said...

This is what I've been waiting for - best news ever, I have the TB3 so let the fun begin.