Saturday, April 05, 2014

ESO Ultra HD Expedition

The ESO Ultra HD Expedition (read: GBS Sponsors ESO Ultra) continues with great surprises around every corner. Leader Christoph Malin posted to Facebook Wednesday morning additional photos of the project underway. 

Above is one of the recent stills taken, pre edit, where Malin explains, "I am extremely happy with this frame out of a time-lapse... Lucky imaging ;) Big grin. These are the nice moments where the Universe says, "OK, you worked hard, so here's a fireball". As well as Mars and Spica are rising up the Horizon. Can't wait to process this TL, there are some in the backlog ;)"

Below is a photo of Malin setting up his rig before one sunset. (Credit ESO/UHD Team)

From Malin's blog: "Christoph set up his equipment in the meantime. His equipment ran independently throughout the night allowing his “TimeLapse Bots” do the work – an autonomous GBTimelapse Rig, using Intecro XTPower powerbanks for powering a Emotimo TB3 motion control and a Canon 6D. Using this easy-to-use and intuitive set-up of equipment really extends our creative possibilities. It has been the perfect addition to our equipment collection since it allows us to get slow slides, tilts and pans into our time-lapses as the stars move over ALMA. They are so versatile and take all the dust from the desert."

It looks like his rigs, that he refers to as his "bots" (read: Malin on Time Lapse Front) are working as designed.

Good luck to Malin as the expedition continues. We will keep bringing you fresh information as it comes in.

Read more about the ESO Ultra HD Expedition at their site­high­definition/

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