Thursday, January 29, 2015

GBDeflicker - Analyze faster with new version 3.1.1

GBDeflicker version 3.1.1 is now available and focuses on improving the analyze process using several speed enhancements.

Before you can render, GBDeflicker3 scans through your clip analyzing the amount of flicker. After you analyze, it removes the flicker when you render. We've made several improvements to GBDeflicker3 to speed up the analyze process.

We've also changed the effects "don't deflicker" option so that you can restrict the analyze process to only those parts of your video that have flicker. This too can greatly speed it up by not analyzing the parts of your video that have no flicker.

How to Start Using GBDeflicker 3.1.1

If you already own GBDeflicker3, just download and install this new update free of charge. If you own GBDeflicker2, now is a good time to upgrade at a reduced price.

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