Thursday, January 08, 2015

GBDeflicker - Analyze RAW images faster using a proxy

Do you shoot your time-lapse sequences in RAW?  If so, you definitely know how long RAW images take to load into Adobe After Effects. This process takes time because the RAW images are large and must be "debayered" (filter that converts RAW image data into an RGB image) before they can be displayed.

For example, a 400 frame RAW sequence takes about 12 minutes just to preview on my dual quad-core Windows machine. Similarly, it takes GBDeflicker about 12 minutes to analyze the RAW sequence before it can be de-flickered.

If you create a proxy file for your RAW sequence you can dramatically decrease the GBDeflicker analyze time. For my example of a 400 frame sequence, using the proxy reduced the analyze time from 12 minutes to only 50 seconds.  That is less than 10% of the time!

Please watch this short video to see how to use a proxy file for your RAW image time-lapse.

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