Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Two Million Views On YouTube

Today, my YouTube channel passed two million views (or 4 million eyeballs). How the heck did that happen?

I created a YouTube account back in June and uploaded a couple of dozen time-lapse clips over the summer. At that time I had a only few thousand views. Then in September I uploaded the Reno Ballon Races video and things took off. What made it take off was getting "featured" (Who decides what is featured on YouTube is a mystery to me).

When a video is featured, a thumbnail imagage and link show up on the YouTube home page, so everyone on YouTube sees it. Hot air balloons must be some kind of primal subject that is of wide interest. While it was being featured, that video was getting about 50,000 views per day.

After a couple of weeks, the activity slowed down. But then in late October, it suddenly shot up again. It turns out that a rotting pumpkin video by someone else was being featured (as a Halloween gimmick) and my rotting fruit videos were showing up as being related (probably because they shared the same tag words). So as a side effect of another clip's popularity, some of my other clips were getting a lot of views.

Here's a table of the number of views for each of my videos.
-------Video------ ----Views---
Reno Balloon Races..... 878,722 44.0%
Rotting Watermelon..... 322,771 16.2%
Rotting Bananas........ 256,532 12.8%
Rotting Pumpkin........ 121,083 6.1%
Ant Farm ............... 73,558 3.7%
Candle Race............. 54,966 2.8%
Cat Nap................. 42,061 2.1%
Golden Gate Moonrise.... 36,046 1.8%
Chia Homer.............. 32,612 1.6%
Mt Shasta Moonrise...... 30,723 1.5%
A San Francisco Minute.. 24,386 1.2%
Lilies.................. 21,575 1.1%
Chinese Food............ 20,562 1.0%
Rocklin Thunder Cell.... 11,406 0.6%
Folsom Lake............. 11,116 0.6%
London Timelapse........ 10,421 0.5%
Country Wedding......... 9,282 0.5%
Hood Canal Sunset....... 9,185 0.5%
747 Takeoff............. 4,786 0.2%
Ohare Gate C10.......... 4,484 0.2%
Equipment B............. 3,928 0.2%
Equipment B............. 3,313 0.2%
Cheerleaders............ 3,098 0.2%
Sign and sunset......... 2,314 0.1%
Del Webb Scrapers....... 2,177 0.1%
High School Band........ 1,991 0.1%
Del Webb Paving......... 1,410 0.1%
Camporee Reveille....... 1,070 0.1%
Glorious Sunset.......... 803 0.0%

I guess you can say that the more unusual the subject, the more views it can get. Duh! Oh, and get featured or be associated in some way with a featured video.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stop Motion Animation

Gem is a GBTimelapse user in Taiwan who makes really cool short films. His latest effort is called "Goner" and has just been posted on YouTube. I think you'll agree that it's a remarkable effort. Check it out and give him a good rating...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Lincoln Sunset Time-lapse

I've been thinking about filming a sunset from this particular vantage point for quite a while and finally went there Wednesday. I had been watching the sky all day thinking that conditions were right for a really good show. I hauled out the gear, headed over there and then spent about two hours capturing this. It's always a surprise to me how the clouds actuallly move. I make my guesses and then just wait and see. This one turned out pretty spectacular I think.

I used my Canon PowerShot S3 camera and GBTimelapse. To get reallly wide, I attached a 0.7x wide angle converter to the camera.

I mounted the camera on my Directed Perception pan/tilt head to add another element of movement. Oh, and I used a compass to plan my pan after calculating where and when the sun would go down. I've written some prototype software to control the head. It gets the job done, but needs to be streamlined to become a product.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First company logo that can be seen from space

That's pretty amazing in its own right, but what I think is cool is the time-lapse video they did of how it was made.

I wonder if they used GBTimelapse?

Friday, November 10, 2006

BrightCove Internet TV

There are a multitude of Internet TV services and BrightCove seems to be the newest. It's a new venture-backed service that has a lot of planning behind it. As a test, I've uploaded one of my films just to see how it works. At first I tried their "PublishPod" client software, but I couldn't get it to upload. Every time I tried, it would stop with a timeout error.

Instead I used their upload console and it worked fine. After a bit of jumping through hoops, I was able to get the clip to play in its 16x9 aspect ratio.

Here it is...

This sort video was accepted in the City Pulse Film Festival beginning its world tour in Santiago, Chile in November 2006.

Downloading Canon camera drivers

If you have a Canon camera and don't have the software disk that came with it, here's where you can download the drivers.

Canon Software Downloads

This might be the case if you've purchased an older used camera to do timelapse work or if you've just lost track of the disk that came with it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Reno Balloon Race over 800,000 views

Reno Balloon Race 2006
My ‘Reno Balloon Race” video has received over 800,000 views so far on YouTube. It was my first time at the event and I arrived before dawn. After trudging around the grounds for an hour or so I finally found a good vantage point to view the action.

The balloons and the winds were perfect as the action stayed in view of my cameras for over two hours. The balloons are a ideal time-lapse subject because the movement is not readily apparent in real-time. Only through the time-lapse view do you see the shifting patterns and complex dance of the balloons.