Sunday, December 29, 2013

GBTimelapse: Support for the Canon 70D

Canon finally released version 2.13 of their EOS camera SDK (Software Development Kit).

With the new kit, we can finally offer support for the Canon 70D camera body.

You can download GBTimelapse EOS version 3.9.31 here.

If you already own a GBTimelapse license, just install the new release -  there's no need to activate a new serial number.

DIY GBTimelapse/eMotimo Aperture Ramping Assembly

Since we introduced GBTimelapse' breakthrough aperture ramping capability (See Eliminate flicker with Aperture Ramping), many people have been asking for a parts list to make their own assembly.

First of all, you need a "de-clicked" lens with an iris gear like this Rokinon 24mm f/1.5 Cine Lens

and of course a stepper like this this Berkey focus motor with a rail mount and worm gear reducer.

Here's the other parts you need to attach the stepper to an eMotimo TB3

A,  15mm single Rod Clamp

Some 15 mm rod, 2pcs Black Aluminum Alloy 15mm Rod - 15cm 6 Inch

A plate to hold the clamp and rod, Desmond 5.5-Inch 140mm 140 QR Lens Plate Quick Release Arca Swiss Compatible PC-140 DPC140

A clamp to hold the camera,  Desmond DAC-02 60mm Arca Clamp

A plate for the camera, Desmond P-70 70mm QR Lens Plate Arca Compatible Dual Dovetail and D-Ring P70 DP-70 

Modify the long plate by drilling a 1/4" diameter clearance hole

and then use a 1" 1/4-20 bolt to attach the long plate to the camera clamp through the underside of the eMotimo bracket.