Monday, April 18, 2011

Using Live View Recording

GBTimelapse can record live view images at a much faster rate than traditional image capture. Normal time-lapse captures full-sized still images at a mimimum interval of 2 seconds, but when viewing a camera's live-view GBTimelapse can capture images at intervals up to 10 frames per second. The images are not full-HD sized, but they are useful for time-lapse of people in motion.

The first five seconds of this clip is at 4 seconds per frame, and the last 25 seconds uses live view capture at 1/2 second per frame. You can see how much smoother people move in the live view segment.

Moonlight AutoRamp

I've been beta testing GBTimelapse' upcoming AutoRamp feature by doing sunset and overnight shots of the sky. Last weekend while on a ski trip to Kirkwood in Northern California, I pointed my Canon T2i at the sky outside of the condo window. I expected to get a good clip of a black sky with the stars rotating around Polaris, but instead the sky was bright blue in the middle of the night....

You need to watch in HD to see the stars

.. I had forgotten about the nearly full moon. The light from the moon lit up the hillside so brightly, it looks like the middle of the day.
I wish the clip went on longer, but there was a power failure at 3AM that shut down my netbook computer and the camera.

GBTimelapse Construction Example

Andrew Cutten in Australia has been using GBTimelapse to document construction projects.

Here one of his recent projects...

Bridge 11 Construction - Timelapse from Andrew Cutten on Vimeo.

... and here's a link to his blog where he discusses some of the details

Thursday, April 14, 2011

GBTimelapse Auto Ramp

I'm working on a new AutoRamp feature for GBTimelapse. Here are some test clips of sunset, night and sunrise. AutoRamp can change the exposure automatically over a 20 f-stop range.

Sorry for the window reflection near the start.
The night glow of nearby Roseville, CA was too bright; but you can still see the Milky Way just before dawn.

On Location - Near Lincoln, CA

Caught this cool time-lapse of some clouds just before sunset. Oops! I forgot to set the lens to manual focus. The auto-focus caused a bit of zoom-in/zoom-out, as you can see near the start.

On Location - Mt. Diablo

Spent some time on Mt. Diablo last week. It's a greate place to time-lapse, with some impressive vistas. Too bad the day was overcast and dreary...

On Location - Golden Gate

Earlier this month I did a quick time-lapse from the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge. This short video shows how easy it was to setup.