Saturday, September 18, 2021

DIY Raspberry Pi Long-Term Unattended Time-lapse

GBTPi is designed to for long-term unattended operation. It inherits GBTimelapse’ powerful and versatile scheduling and camera control abilities. GBTimelapse has been used for over a decade in hundreds of long-term installations worldwide.

Periodic images can be captured over a period of days, weeks or months to document the progress of a project. The camera and computer can run indefinitely. Progress is monitored by email alerts from the capture software or by remote access software. Images can be emailed periodically or uploaded via FTP. GBTPi can automatically convert the images sequences into time-lapse videos.

  • Set begin/end at fixed times of day or times relative to sunrise and sunset
  • Specify a schedule of different capture intervals at different times of day
  • Define different capture schedules for days of the week
  • Automatically makes a video for each day or session
  • Sends emails sample images to you periodically or uploads FTP images
  • Manages Raspberry Pi image storage like a DVR by keeping the most recent
  • Remotely monitor and control over the internet with a wi-fi or Ethernet connection
  • Download videos and/or images over the internet

Internet Connection Options

  • Use an Ethernet cable if available.
  • Use the RPi internal wi-fi if you have a strong wi-fi signal.
  • Use a wi-fi extender if you have a weak wi-fi signal.  Bearifi Extender $58

Parts List