Thursday, March 01, 2012

GBTimelapse:Now with AutoRamp Scripts!

Using a script is GBTimelapse advanced technique for time-lapse perfectionists. Following a script can produce the best result, if you are repeating a time-lapse that you have shot before.

Normally GBTimelapse' AutoRamp adjusts the exposure by measuring the luminance of images as they are captured and changing the camera settings to achieve the target luminance. Because it is continuously measuring and adjusting there may be tiny fluctuations in image luminance.

But when following a script, it adjusts the exposure to match the measured scene exposure from a previous time-lapse session. Because the camera settings are defined in advance, there are no small fluctuations in luminance.

Please watch this short demo and sample video...

GBTimelapse: AutoRamp Script Demo from Granite Bay Software on Vimeo.

GBTimelapse: Now with AutoRamp HDR!

Now GBTimelapse can capture High Dynamic Range time-lapse images in addition to its other powerful features.

Using its AutoRamp feature, GBTimelapse captures a set of three images at each step (at a normal exposure, at two stops under exposed and at two stops over exposed. You can capture RAW or JPG and save to your computer or to your camera (for faster operation).

And it can do this while controlling a motion control dolly!

Please watch this demo video and take a look at the sample HDR time-lapse. It produced an amazing "Holy Grail" result even with a Canon T3i capturing JPGs.

GBTimelapse: AutoRamp HDR Demo from Granite Bay Software on Vimeo.