Monday, August 15, 2011

New Release: GBTimelapse 3.1 - Now with AutoRamp!

I’m excited to announce the release of GBTimelapse 3.1! This version has a unique, game-changing new feature called AutoRamp. AutoRamp is a powerful new method for reducing flicker, and a ton of technical research and development has gone into producing this major new addition.

As you may know from your experience, timelapse videos are plagued by the problem of flicker. When ambient light changes, automatic camera settings change, resulting in brightness variation between frames. This appears as an annoying flicker in your timelapse video, with some frames appearing darker or lighter than others. Flicker is distracting and a big hurdle to overcome when you want to produce high quality, professional timelapse footage.

To avoid this problem, AutoRamp overrides your camera’s coarse adjustment of camera settings, and instead uses special algorithms to calculate optimal camera settings, minimizing flicker. AutoRamp has Basic, Advanced and Expert Methods, so you get to decide how much control you’d like over the settings. I’m going to discuss how AutoRamp works in more detail in my next few blog posts, so stay tuned.

If you already own GBTimelapse 3, simply download and install the new version. If you’ve downloaded and installed a free trial of GBTimelapse before, you’re now eligible to try again - just download the new version for another free trial period.

I really appreciate your feedback - please feel free to get in touch by email or comments. Your responses are valuable and important for future versions!


Anonymous said...

I have not found the subsequent blog posts mentioned here. I would like to see more detail around the expert method if you have pisted.
Thanks Rob

tlapse said...